Saturday, 31 December 2011

What have people said about Run Fun Starz programmes in 2011?

"The constant support of the Run Fun Starz Group at our last 3 Hackney Community Games was truly impressive. For us, it is critical to find reliable and flexible sports providers who prove commitment to the event and who also see what Community Games are all about – Increasing participation in sports. We found all this in the Run Fun Starz Group and wish them all the best in the future. "

Eva Keller, Event Manager, SportInspired

"The sessions that Run Fun Starz taught were extremely good for our students they really responded positively to the tutors who were excellent with them. Activities were well balanced and all students were happily engaged in all aspects of the lesson. Your staff established a good rapport and empathy with our students and were always encouraging and supportive. Hope to see you all again, regards, "

Santha Patel, Physical Education Co-ordinator, William Morris Secondary School, Waltham Forest

"Run Fun Starz offer a great fun activity and were fantastic at the Summer festival I helped organise for Newham, providing football for the kids. It is a good way to encourage kids to be more active and a positive offering for the community."

Lorraine Francisco, Newham Summer Festival Organiser

Friday, 30 December 2011

Run Fun Starz's Top Tweeps of 2011

Last year we started using Twitter for the first time. And even though we had not been using Twitter that much in the beginning we have made so good many tweeps. This year we have increased the number of friends we have made on Twitter and things are getting better and better. The following post is dedicated to the tweeps we have interacted with and who continue to inspire our tweets. Thank you for all your support, tweets, mentions retweets and fun conversations. We look forward to another year of this in 2012. The tweeps below are definitely worth following and tweeting with.

@ActivBrentwood is the online news resource of activities in Essex. Tweets are by Anne Tyler who has been great to us. Follow @ActivBrentwood.

@andyboyle91 is a young man with a bright future ahead. He is a top tweep because of what he has achieved. He has been nominated to be an Olympic Torch bearer because of his fantastic work as a Football Coach. He is only 20. Follow @andyboyle.

@angelshed is a theatre charity whom we have a lot in common with. Based in Angle, Islington they put on some great shows for the community and help young people in performing arts. They are a top tweep as we have enjoyed the constant tweeting with them throughout 2011. Visit their website

@Begailam is an inspiring woman. This year she trekked all the way in Nepal for charity. Over the year we have read her tweets on preparing for the trek and it has been great. We have liked the tweets about sports and different topics. Well done and we look forward to tweeting with you in 2012. Happy tweeting. Follow @Begailam. Don't forget to take a look at the beautiful trekking photos

@BigNormski1 runs Charity Goods with @hellenbach. He is doing such great work raising money for great causes. He is a top tweep as many of these causes are for children and they benefit so much from his efforts. He has written TOG's along with Sir Terry Wogan. Take a look at Norman's work here Follow @BigNormski1.

@BlackConnex is known as Black Connextions. They definetly deserve to be on our top tweep list thsi year. Lead by Simon and Sylvia, it is show on 91.8 Hayes FM discussing issues surrounding Black culture. We recommend you follow these guys as topics covered are relevant to everyone in society. A few weeks ago they talked about homelessness during the Christmas period. The show is on Sundays 4pm-6pm. Few of the guys at the office were so happy when this show shouted us out live on the radio.

@BrianMSeaman helps improve access for people with disabilities. His efforts enable disabled to get around much easier. We have loved tweeting with him in 2011 and look forward to more happy tweeting. Follow @BrianMSeaman

@BSix_Sport is the sport section at BSix College in Hackney. The particularly enjoy tweeting with these guys because they love sports like us. This is why they are a top tweep for us in 2011. 

@DavidMiller_UK is an excellent and award winning teacher. He is one to watch, a good friends and definetly a top tweep worth following. Follow @DavidMiller 

@DawnDiSiena is one of a kind. She is the mother of two young ambitious swimmers. She is a top tweep as she is one of the wonderful parents that are seen supporting their kids during sessions. Follow @Dawndisieana.

@divasupermum tweets about education and kids. She will give you the latest scoop on interesting topics. She loves cooking sy-fy and gardening and is a top tweep because she truly is a super mum. Follow @divasupermum.

@DXTL is a great grassroots scheme which works to ensure that everyone is respected during football games. It was started by Mal Lee who has won the Bobby Moore Award for his contribution. Visit Follow @DXTL.

@Fisher_Ben is the Chariman at Fisher FC. If you like tweeting with people about sport and football follow @Fisher_Ben.

@Fuelit is a very unique magazine. They are our special tweeps because of the way they use media to show the best of society. Thank you for all your support and mentions. Follow @Fuelit.

@GBSportscoaches is lead by Adam Clarke. It is a forward thinking resource and network which connects coaches from different backgrounds together. Visit Follow @GBSportsCoaches.

@Genesisfutsal is a local Futsal Team in Newham. The team recently entered a futsal league for the first time and is looking to push on in 2012. They played the England National Futsal Team. Like many other we have loved tweeting with them this year. That is the main reason they are a top tweep. Take a look at Follow @Genesisfutsal.

@hackneycityfarm is a community hub for locals. It is led by Gustavo. the farm has ongoing activities and events throughout the year. Having visited the farm we recommend you stop by too. They are one of our top tweeps because the farm really is excellent. Visit Follow @hackneycityfarm.

@Ideasfordad has been one of our good friends on Twitter since we started tweeting. He is a very positive guy and always up for a good conversation. Follow @Ideasfordad

 @InnerFrame work with with business and sports clubs to create lasting memories. They have made great effort into fundraising by organising events. They are behind @NWalesDragons. Follow @InnerFrame 

@InsideLDN2012 is a professional and keen photographer. He has had great insight tot he development of the London 2012 Olympic Games venues. He is a top tweet as we have enjoyed interacting and seeing his new pictures over the year. Take a look at the amazing pictures he has taken Follow @InsideLDN2012

@judrop1949 is a lovely lady who really likes talking to people. She is a top tweep this year because her tweets have been fun and positive to read. Thank you for all the supportive message. Follow @judrop1949.

@kateandgeorgia is a fund raising manager for a charity. She is top tweep because she is always so responsive and positive towards us and its a pleasure giving her #CT mentions. Follow @kateandgeorgia

@l_francisco is an Marketing Executive for @IntlConfex. She leads and organises special events for people of all walks of life. She is a top tweep because we had the privilege to work with her at the Newham Summer Festival and she was great. Follow @l_francisco.

@LCDEvents is part of Leonard Cheshire Disability. They are one of our bets tweeps because they organise inspirational Triathlon events for disabled people. What makes them special is their Tri-Together Triathlon Event which brings able bodied and non-abled bodied athletes competing together as one. It was an honour working with them. Visit them Follow @LCDEvents

@littlebigsport is a sport equipment provider we regularly tweet with. They have been kind enough to offer a discount to Run Fun Starz pupils. We have inclluded them as they are one of our other good tweeps on Twitter. Visit their website Follow @littlebigsports

@MalaikaCharity uses Boxing to work with young people in disadvantaged areas. We often tweet to each other about the latest ongoings in our organisations. Due to this reason and the fact that are one of our many good friends on twitter they are a top tweep. Follow @MalaikaCharity

@MyBnk is a unique social enterprise. They educate young people to become financially savvy. This is of course much needed for the generation to come. They are one of our top tweeps this year because they are doing such fantastic work in a really deprived area of London. Follow @MyBnk

@NWalesDragons are again one of our really good tweeps that we have become friends with on Twitter over the past year. This football team play to raise money for charity. They are currently raising funds to fight breast cancer. Please follow @NWalesDragons

@Parentguestblog is a blog which features posts about parenting. They are top tweeps to us as their blog has some useful posts about parents and children. The blog attracts entries written by individuals who write from different perspectives. Follow @Parentguestblog

@paulduds is one of top tweeps this year as we have fun and regular interactions. He is going to be a Games Maker in the Games. So if you have tickets to the Waterpolo you might come across Paul. Another tweep worth following. Thank you for all your support, especially the mentions. Follow @paulduds

@PDarigan is the Social Media Editor for @Girlguiding UK. He is also a top tweep because he is a very positive tweep and supportive of others. He is currently trying to raise awareness of prostate cancer. Support his cause here Follow @PDarigan.

@ploink is a wonderful idea. A micro-giving website which enables people to donate to different charities in a very manageable way. Its been a joy to see all the charities that have benefited. It has also been good tweeting with its founder Marc Simpson. Follow @ploink 

@RedBalloonLCG is a bullying charity who work with children that are out of education due to severe bullying. They are a top tweep for us this year as they are always engaging their followers and reach out to others. Follow @RedBalloonLCG.

@ReflexSpace is tweeted by Lubna. We really appreciate the friendly chats and mentions. Thank you! She provides head massages in her own way. Visit Follow @ReflexSpace

@SportInspired are one of top tweeps from working with them during the summer of 2011. They truly expose different sports to as many children as possible. They hold community games which allows children of primary school age to have fun day out and also showcase their talent. Visit their website Follow @SportInspired

@Sported_UK is a charity which supports sports organisations to develop within their communities. They are top tweeps simply because they offer a great network to everyone within the industry. Visit Follow @Sported_UK

@StillSafe is an online resource guide for how to keep safe. They tweet the latest news to inform you about happenings that may affect you. For us they are a top tweep because you will constantly find valuable updates on events relevant to you. They always interact and respond to their followers. Visit their website here Follow @Still Safe

@Tabacaria is an education consultant. He was one of first tweeps on Twitter. His tweets are full of information and knowledge. It is tweeps like him and many others that have made our time on Twitter so enjoyable. Follow @Tabacaria

@victoryoak is an improved secondary school opened by Rachel de Souza. The school achieved top GCSE results 27% in its first year. They are one of the top tweeps as it has been fun tweeting with them over the year. Follow @VictoryOak

@VintageVictory is another tweep we have loved tweeting with. He loves all things vintage. Check out the online vintage community and marketplace Follow @VintageVictory

@VisitEastLondon promotes the best of this area of the capital. He is supportive of all things positive going on in east london. He is one of our bets tweeps on Twitter since day one. Follow @VisitEastLondon

@WolvesAcademy are a really friendly bunch. We have loved seeing their regular tweets about how players in the academy are developing. We have also enjoyed the year chatting back and forth about current issues and sports. Follow @WolvesAcademy

Happy New Year to all our followers! Comments are very welcome.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Run Fun Starz Half Term With 'The Key'

Girl measures her huge bean bag throw with Run Fun Starz coach. Mum looks on pleased...

The boys getting ready to take a shot...                                                                                                                                     
Who will hit the football through the target first?     
Little man dribbles through cones with Mum's support...

Young members test New Age Kurling equipment for the first time..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Gearing up to make a big throw...

Friday, 15 July 2011

Shoreditch Games 15/07/2011 - Day 3

Run Fun Starz produced exciting Cricket competitions for over 200 children at the Shoreditch Games in the Britannia Leisure Centre. It was sponsored by UBS and organised by SportInspired - 15/-7/2011. In the Hammerson Community Games 2011 - Day 1 blog we promised you some pictures. Here they are. Enjoy!

The girls show support for their school. Great banner Girls!
Young man makes a run for it after super big hit
Maroon Team get ready to make the catch

Everyone patiently waiting for UBS Staff take each other on for some Judo

You can see more pictures at Twitpic.

Beckton Summer Festival 9/07/2011

This is a Sports Showcase Activity at the Beckton Festival 2011. As part of the event we put on a series of fun cricket matches and drills for local kids aged between 8-15 years. The wheather help up well on this day. Although there were few drops in the afternoon.

Sumo Wrestling from UEL Sports
Young batter hits a sly shot towards the side of the wicket                                             

Young fielders get ready for the big hit                                                                                                                               

Run Fun Starz's Professional Multi-Sports Coach  gives Bowling Tips                                                                                                        

You can see more pictures at Twitpic.